Since the Tournament of Lilies is a Formally Organized Tournament...

…Why not just implement an official version of this:

Order of the Green - Google Drive


One linked directly into the game that you can OFFICIALLY opt in-or-out of with a single storylet. For good. Opportunity cards included.

Then it would feel like what it is, a social mini game that’s accessible to use, and wholly optional.

All of the above would also jive with the lore because again… we’re all participating in His Amused Lordship’s arranged sporting events. Everyone who chooses to involve themselves being visible to everyone else makes perfect sense.

Similarly? It would track that veteran players would be more than happy to de-weed the homes of uninterested Londoners as needed at their own expense, if only to nip future competition in the literal bud.

EDIT: Forcing players to re-enter the tournament one/week when Time the Healer kicks in would also turn it into a handy active player list for social interactions.


Ohh, that sheet take me back… pretty sure I made the first one of those sheets for the tournament of lilies, back before this official forum even existed… wonder if I can find it. Nope, long gone.

Anyway, I’d add myself to that sheet if I could, I’m happy to passively accept invites and slowly make my way up the ranks.

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The rosette, the one vanity item I don’t have the patience to get.

I’m happy to accept any plant challenges I receive, but I am not about to keep an external spreadsheet up to date.