Silliness: Quarantine Manicure Reminds Me of FL

So, I always do my nails, it’s not really a quarantine manicure, it’s just my most recent (but also a new set of nails, a set that’s brand new to the company, so I’ve never had them).

Once I had them all laid out for fitting, I noticed they don’t stay quite the same colours depending on the light. The tips suddenly made me thing of irrigo in a certain light, but it fades to a silvered colour in another light. Like how gant is sometimes described when it’s not invisible (get it? It’s invisible when they look irrigo).

Anyway, I was entertained enough that for the first time ever, I broke a set. I did an accent nail from an old set. One black nail, for the NORTH. For the Masters. For the dark of the ‘Neath… take your pick. It felt appropriate.


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I love those colors! They’re really gorgeous.

Thank you! Me too. They are fascinating to watch in real life. It’s why I shared. I’ve had a lot of their nails over the years that shift colours, have wild finishes… but these were the first that I was like “Hey, the ‘Neath folks might like these!”

Gorgeous. I wish I had that talent; they look wonderful.
In a funny aside, we are cautiously exiting lockdown here in Greece and the beuτy salons will be among the first things to open &quotfor psychological reasons.&quot I never imagined a gorevment official would &quotget it&quot so perfectly.
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No talent, it’s a glue on nail set from Marmalade. I’ve been doing them at home for years. They stay on about 2-3 weeks (& they do stay on… I’ve had sets on while helping do yard work with my mum & demolition on our house & stuff. Stuff that should break nails). My natural nails are messed up due to medication, so I hide them with the shiny.
Mostly for myself. I type so much that looking at my natural nails is a NOPE. so I understand the &quotpsychological reasons&quot if I didn’t do them myself.
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