Should we find an umbrella?

Good day, delicious Neathy friends! As the title implies, this post has to do with the elements! &quotElements? As in, weather in the Neath? How queer!&quot

I noticed last night that several of last Whitsun’s beasties and clothing items have a new quality &quotProtection from the Elements&quot. This also appears on other items (namely the Hellish Hymn, but there could be more that I don’t have). What could this be? Something to do with the coming Whitsun, or the Parabola War? What do you fine people think?

I think it’s related to Hurlers - this region of the Neath is reported to be an ass-freezer.

I agree. I had hoped it might be used in Parabola (and it still well may be), but the reference to frost is a clear nod to the Hurlers.

Perhaps that explains why the real, actual, sole in-game Umbrella has been shockingly left without this quality. Though I still hold that an umbrella really should provide at least some refuge from the Elements…