Should the Tiny Cave Fish be a pet?

I always found it odd how the Tiny Cave Fish was a curiosity. I would like it to be equipable, possibly with stats. Seeing as it’s blind, I would go Watchful -1, Shadowy +2. What do you guys think?

There are several companions with selling usage, though.

The Big Rat trades Talkative Rattus Faber for casing.
Fairly Tame Sorrow-Spiders and Cheerful Goldfish can be fed to your plant because plant.
Sulky Bats can be used as messengers to trade notes with other players while at zee.
The Winsome Orphan can be sent to your private orphanage.
(And the Starveling Cat’s selling usage is questionable at best and [CENSORED BY THE MINISTRY OF PUBLIC DECENCY] at worst.)
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I really like companions. I’ve made it my goal to collect every companion possible.

Sick as it sounds, I’d rather that the Starveling Cat be a Companion. In any event, I don’t see why the Tiny Cave Fish couldn’t be one.

I think the implicit assumption is that, like the dark-dewed cherries, it’s a food, not a companion. Still, I see no reason not to make it equipable, though stats seems a bit absurd. it can’t communicate, it isn’t trained, and the only thing it’s good for is feeding rubberies.

I mean, the Deshrieked Mandrake is a companion, and it basically has the same status in-universe. Maybe the Tiny Cave Fish should hang out in that slot.

Mandrakes are seemingly sapient. You can teach one to sing in Bag a Legend.

Not to mention the mandrakes at Bullbone island. They’re more animal than plant in any case.

Although, strangely enough, while two of the mandrakes (Deshrieked and Half-Wild) ARE companions, the third (Giggling) is indeed in the curiosity section, same as the cave fish.

So I guess the answer to the question of whether mandrakes count as companions is “sometimes.” :P

You can give it all the affection you’d give a pet without having it be in your pet slot :P

I have to agree, personally I just like filling my (imaginary) Serene Aquarium.

Although if De Gustibus isn’t to return any time soon, perhaps possibly one option might be to make them consumable?

In keeping with the description, trade in (multiples?) for Rubberyman favours and/or Casing cp’s?

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