Should renown unlock new options at the carnival?

Mrs. Plenty’s carnival is such a delightful place, it seems a shame that many actions there get permanently pruned once you reach 5 renown. In the past, those option stayed useful if you completely wiped out your connected stat with a faction.

Should new carnival options unlock for each faction, once your renown gets high enough? Along with the various faction items that are being added (which are great btw), I think some some sort of useful repeatable storylet would be a nice reward for raising renown with a group.

What kind of repeatable storylet? They can’t hand out free(ish) favors like the early storylets, else they’ll be by far the most profitable thing to do in the game.

I can imagine something like Unfinished Business. A slightly more efficient (but not actively proftable) way of gridning some basic resources in a faction-themed manner.

That’s a good idea. Perhaps the reward could scale up based on your renown with that faction, so that at low renown it’s no better than unfinished business, but at very high renown it’s comparable to something like the box grind, if you’d rather collect your 1.6 epa of items in something other than mourning candles. For example, if when its added you raised renown devils to 40, the carnival would become the best source of brass in the game.

The affair of the box is boring but a single repeatable storylet would be even more boring. I’d skip the carnival part entirely and open up other carosels, like maybe a criminals renown locked heist, and a docks renown locked island to visit at zee.

I actually would love a single repeatable storylet with a high EPA. The box carousel requires a lot of clicking between different actions, and really punishes you if you misclick and raised turncoat. After I play through the same grind 10,000 times &quotboring&quot no longer really applies. I no longer read the text, and it’s just something I do to burn actions when I have nothing better to do. In fact, I would love a box level EPA grind that has a 5-AP per click action, like gang of hoodlums. I’m an exceptional friend and sometimes I don’t have time to really dwell on my 40 actions, so a way to profitably zip through those would be wonderful.

But I’m with you on renown also unlocking more elaborate stories. That would be nice too.

What if it unlocked a literal carousel?

I’d love that.