Should I take on the rubbery pupil?

You see, I just entered mahogany hall and I couldn’t help but notice the rubbery pupil choice, and I am wondering. Is it worth the 5 fate points? I find myself at odds here because it seems really interesting but I am saving fate to unlock flute street.

So if those with more experience would be so kind as to help me decide wherever I take the rubbery pupil or keep saving my fate for flute street. Thanks for your help.

If I may, this information would interest me too ^^

It’s not the most Neath-shaking story - not something like the Soul Trade or the Velocipede Squad that ties into other storylines - but it’s a pleasant ride and brings a rare-ish reward, so it’s worth doing once at least. Flute Street unlocks more and will probably cast the Rubbery Pupil in a new light once it’s complete, so saving for that first and doing the Pupil later is a reasonable plan.

By the way, I agree with Frederick, Flute Street is both interesting and a prerequisite to get the full reward to the Theological Husbandry Fate-locked storyline (to this day my favorite Fate-locked content, both for story bits and rewards).

About the Rubbery Pupil, somebody willing to tell me the unique reward via PM? I’m planning to use my Fate/Nex differently, but I could change the plan should it be worth it ^^

EDIT: Also, important thing - is the Rubbery Pupil always available once unlocked, or do you have to pay Fate for every carousel?
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I believe it’s a Fate payment for every carousel.

Hm, I’ll think about it. Thanks!

The Rubbery Pupil and the Elegant Lady use the same template as the two non-fate locked options so if you have done those you will know what to expect.

The end reward from the Rubbery Pupil is an item that can only be gotten one other, non-repeatable, way right now.

These two stories are fun but don’t expect much in the way of items (they pay out a little better than their non-fate counterparts perhaps); the stories themselves are the reward here.

Thanks, a question. Can this storyline be repeated, for example, can I take the devil and once I am done that the rubbery pupil? Thanks for your time once more

The Devil and the Clay Man are both repeatable in any order, so I’d say the Rubbery Pupil is too - possibly paying the Fate cost every time.

You have to pay fate every time you play it. Also, you can redo any you want as many times you want(assuming you pay the relevant fate cost).