Should I remove these Connections?

I am tired of conflict cards jamming my deck (and prevent me from getting an unsigned message so that I can become a correspondent) and I wonder if I should remove some of my connections because they seem to be useless to me, specifically, they are connected: Hell, The Tomb-Colonies, The Game, Revolutionaries and Rubbery Men.

Before I trade these connections to call in favours, I would like to know if there is anything I miss for these connection to be useful, or are they simply useless? Thank you. :)
edited by Lomias on 3/10/2015

Usually options using connections don’t require you to have very high levels of them, so it’s no harm to erase any ones you find troublesome. I personally eradicated my Revolutionaries connection, and my Hell connection is merely 2. If I need them later I can easily bring them back up.

For a very long time I very liked having high connections to all factions, for RP reasons.
But the constant conflict cards were just too much. So, although I’ve basically reached the title boundary for almost all connections (150 for most of them), I’ve decided to Nuke them.

A little bit of connection is sometimes needed when converting items (e.g. Chruch is often needed to convert Wines) and in some Unfinished Business (e.g. The Game is needed to get Greyfields 1882, Hell is needed to get Souls, etc.).

Personally, I’ve kept the connections which are harder to usually grind effectively, such as the Revolutionaries, Criminals, The Game, and Urchins (plus I’ve kept my connection to the Bohemians, since it doesn’t clash with these other ones).

I see, I feel comfortable enough to erase some of these connections (and I am a correspondent now, aha), thanks.