Should I go to the Temple Club?

Estelle Knoht politely sent me an invitation a while ago, but I have a few questions:

  • I currently have Watchful 86, with objects and all. (+12 levels) Should I attend?
  • Do I need a certain object or anything else? (Scholar of the Correspondence, Archaeologist more than 3, Bizarre…)
  • What kind of activity goes on in there? Is it worthwhile?

I thank you in advance.

You don’t really need anything except access to the Forgotten Quarter and the ability to scrounge up a few 1st and 3rd city relics. Besides, if you cannot do everything you want in a day then you can get another invite.

I already have access to the Forgotten Quarter, not sure about the relics.

It’s a very cheap fee to complete the small story concerning the fountain I assure you.

Sent you two extra invite. It is probably easier to see for yourself. Not very demanding on stats, but in the future when you cap your Persuasive you might want to visit the place again.

Thank you. Will check now.