Shopping Lists of Old ES

I am recently catching up old exceptional stories. Currently I am going through all fan favorites, and I would like to know your recommendation out of them. I am sure there has to be some close choices. Also is it worthy to collect all stories in one season for the extra?

Cricket Anyone, Por Una Cabeza and HOJOTOHO, Written in the Glim, My Kingdom for a Pig come to mind. We used to have a list of recommendations here, but I can’t find it at the moment. Maybe someone else has the link.

I really enjoyed the Shallows, even though the original reason I chose it was the best-in-slot BDR hat that you get if you break rules and lose the chess game

I liked The Icarian Cup, and Steeped in Honey.

You can have a look at the results of the yearly survey conducted by the nice folks at r/fallenlondon :

In addition to what Jermaine Vendredi wrote, I also enjoyed the Gift, for its horrifying take on the inhabitants of the Shuttered Palace.