Ships on the zee...

How effective is each ship on the zee? Not counting the BDR boost from 2 of the ships, which one is actually most effective on the zee for getting to the location as fast as possible?

That would be the Swift Zee Clipper

That would be the Swift Zee Clipper[/quote]

Which, I need to point out has no BDR boost at all. But it’s the easiest to get and in my experience it’s possible to make a crossing in 20 actions easily.
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With sailing update Clipper is not that useful anymore, as I understand. The longest journey I had on a majestic yacht was 16 actions, only because I needed to catch a plated seal. Usually it takes about 10-12 actions. And you can party onboard! Which gives about 1.5 echo of items and livens up the voyage.