Ship Seizing, Weapon Damage and Crew Damage.

I think there are same problems here, at the moment it’s ludicrously difficult to seize a ship, you have to be really careful not doing to much damage.
As and &quotEnd-gamer&quot (since i usa still an old save) i have capped my iron stat, so, i have it around 130-140 (depending on officers and other things i have equipped), but since i have a Cargo Ship, i could do the maximum of TWO crew damage after the health of the ship i’m fighting is less than and half.
So, let’s say, if i’d like to seiz another cargo, with 300 hull and 30 crew, after i have halfed it’s hull, i need to shoot it 15 time (15x2=30), and need to do LESS thant 150 hull damage… an average of 10 damage per shoot.
That’s impossible, since you do more also at the game start.

Not finding that particular value in the game file (Crew Damage) i edited my deck weapon to give me -60 Iron (so pass from 130 to 50 iron), edited another value, to let ship start losing crew from 100% and, at this point i was able to kill all the crew on a Khanate ship while it has just 15hp left.

It’s definitely not working at the moment, i think crew damage on weapon should AT LEAST be doubled, since ship seizing it’s a nice mechanic, especially now that there are neutral ships…

EDIT: OK, i find the value in the game files and succesfully edited it. For testing purpose i set it to &quot10&quot for the heart-ender, reducing also the base damage it does (from 18 to 0). Probably it’s too much, but i think that something between 5-7 for the &quotbest&quot flenshing gun and a base of 2 to 4 for the other weapons (not flenshing) could do the trick, maybe with a reduciont of damage to ship in flenshing weapon to balance it out and viceversa, a reduction of live damage on cannon/standard weapon.
edited by Frenzgyn on 12/3/2014

Wait, to seize a ship, do you make sure that you don’t damage it too much and then sneak up to it and touch it with your ship?

Yes. But it’s much more difficult than it seems… You need to avoid grinding your iron stat and using crap guns…

Interesting, I was absolutely unaware that seizing a ship was still possible, this bears further merit, thanks for the information.