Ship not firing? (Enemy in firing arc)

[color=rgb(172, 178, 184)][font=Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, sans-serif]Sometimes my cannon (the one you start out with) doesn’t fire. I understand that enemies need to be in the firing arc and that my crew won’t come up with a firing solution if there’s no enemy in our vessel’s firing arc but in the last few seconds of Part 2 (a video whose link I’ll share here soon as it’s up), my ship just refuses to fire. Does the default cannon need ammo? I can only find torpedoes in London so this is a tad confusing.

I scanned my Let’s Play video again and I’ve now pinpointed what the problems is:

I just destroyed a group of bats. I clicked through the choices, picked &quotthrow off the bats’ corpses off the side of the ship&quot and then a second group of bats came along. The &quotbattle (e)/all clear (e)&quot button suddenly became inaccessible and the cannon locked up.

What did I do wrong? Here’s a screenshot:

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That seems to just be a bug. If you haven’t try clicking on the bats and if that doesn’t solve it you’ll probably need to quit and reopen the game.

(Also, you should spoiler tag the image so it doesn’t stretch the page)
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looks like you need to click on the bats, there isn’t the info bar above them and if you aren’t targeting something your firing solution won’t fill. It can also happen if your enemy exits the screen and you will need to click on them again to continue the battle.

Always the case with multiple enemies, the game doesn’t autoselect the next target if you’re still in battle mode, sometimes pressing E will cause the beast to re-engage you, which will also give you targetting profile on it.

Ah. Click on enemies to reacquire targeting. Got it. Thanks guys!

And there I was thinking maybe it was an Illumination mechanic.

This Let’s Play is screwed. I thought repairing your ship won’t cost you anything lol!

I’ll still continue and see if I can survive the dearth of supplies. :D Madam Sretha Bruhn, Bat Swarm Slayer. :D
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