Ship Mod for Sunless Sea

Ahoy Zee Captains,
having recently bought SS and having much fun with it i soon became interested in modding this game. I have just now realized how easy it is to mod this game for yourself, however i was hoping that someone created and uploaded a rebalance on the ships and upgrade of SS (and possibly other mods too).

While i like how hard the game is in its vanilla state i feel that many of the upgrades are unbalanced (either worthless or overpowered) and need some polishing. I could do this myself but i dont have too much experience in SS yet and would have to playmuch more and do research before i could attempt it.

Any help would be appreciated.

As far as I know, you can change ship statistics. But being able to add or change the ships’ equipment slots is not something that is supported at the moment.

Adding new ships is something I haven’t personally tried yet.

There is also a bug that removes equipment slots if you change the name of the ship.