Shattered citadel run 2: Not working?

So, does a 2nd turn in the shattered citadel work now? Or is it still broken?

I never bothered trying with a second run since it states there’s ‘Likely nothing more to be found - Unless you have a specific reason?’

And I am yet to find a specific reason. Can go down there and try a run for you though, that’s good enough for me ;P

Second full run gave me a handful of fragments, nothing more - But it worked alright for me.

If you did not finish the full run the first time, you can’t go back with that captain, I’m guessing it could be considered being so fearful that you’d never want to revisit it.

Also, if you have less than 3 distant memories, you’ll get something which I did not :P presumable a distant memory.

Fragments? Cool I guess. I’m in Gaider’s Mourn right now and didn’t feel like making the trip. Last time I tried it it broke when “You have found something. Or maybe something has found you.” showed up

Yeah, it looks like, for the moment at least, there isn’t much point going back a second time. I loved the content though :D Looking forward to finding out what strange reasons a captain might have for going back…

I also have that “You have found something. Or maybe something has found you.” blank message, then the game doesn’t allow me to proceed at any means.