I noted that too, so I think you’re right that the Shadowy cap has been raised, and perhaps an announcement from Failbetter re: same will soon be forthcoming.

From the Twitter feed:

New content! As promised, The Affair of the Box reaches a thrilling and unexpected conclusion. We have raised the Shadowy cap to 140.
To finish the tale, you must have already completed the Kashmiri Princess storyline and have Shadowy of at least 120.
You may pick up the threads of the story in Spite, or via your house urchin, or at the House of Chimes if you are Exceptional.

We should just cut out the middleman (no offense FailBetter), and just give the Urchin on the Roof, the Bohemian Sculptress, etc. their own Twitter feeds.

Also in relation to today’s update, my Opportunity Card timer doesn’t seem to be resetting every time I click the deck anymore. Yay!