Seven Treacheries

We are told, that there are 7 Treacheries in the Neath, which are another name for the weirdness that’s going on down here. But do we know, what are these Treacheries and how do they manifest?

I can only remember Treachery of Clocks - time in the Neath is uncertain and can sometimes betray you, which makes keeping track of stories interrelation very hard and can sometimes cause one event to occur several times. It’s also associated with irrigo - seems like Neath itself often forgets timeline, which jumbles individual events.

What else do we know?

&quotClocks, Maps, Breath, Glass – and the three beyond. This is what protects the Courier and its toadies.&quot

I think Alexis once mentioned the Treacheries of Sand somewhere, but that might be unrelated (or it could be a metaphor for both Clocks and Glass).
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Treachery of Glass and Treachery of Breath are the other two named ones

Based on my limited understanding of the FL world, I’d guess:

The Treachery of Maps is why islands and things shift around (as seen in Sunless Sea) and why the layout of London shifted when it came to the Neath.

The Treachery of Breath is something to do with the restricted ability to die in the Neath? That must be one of the Treacheries, right?

The Treachery of Glass must have something to do with dreams and the proximity of the Neath to Parabola.

Am I on the right lines?

It seems to me that the Treacheries are generally inconsistencies with the laws of reality (and the Sun), soo…

Could one of them perhaps be related to the rather talkative nature of animals? Such as rats, cats, bats, and such?

Perhaps Breath refers to the Drownies, who lose their breath by drowning. Also, given that the Treacheries are inconsistencies, maybe one has to do with gravity, as seen when becoming a correspondent

[quote=phryne]&quotClocks, Maps, Breath, Glass – and the three beyond. This is what protects the Courier and its toadies.&quot

Wow, my memory is really bad. Unknowingly I jumbled together Treacheries and Temptations from Knife-and-Candle, and only after you mentioned these names I noticed something odd and found out after googling.

Then I’m just adding temptations here too.

About ones listed.
Guess, Maps is for Unterzee rearrangements, Breath is for death postponed and Glass is for opened mirrors.
Though I also vaguely recall, that either Glass is actually something to do with transformations, or there’s another one for that.