Server Problems?

I’ve been having a lot of trouble connecting to StoryNexus lately. Sometimes it will run fine, but most of the time it loads the page halfway then stops, or fails to connect at all. Are others having this problem as well? If it’s on my end, is there anything I can do? Other web sites work just fine. I’ve tried Chome, Firefox, and Safari, all with the same result.[li]

This has been going on for a few days now. Thanks a lot to anyone who can help.

I’m having the same problems in both SN worlds and the creator tools.

Yeah, storynexus and by extension Fallen London have been really laggy from time to time this past week or so: It’s generally better late in the evening/night (at least UK/Ireland time) but it’s almost unworkable the rest of the time

Well I’m glad it’s not just me, but I hope they sort it out soon. I’m trying to create a story I’ve been planning for a while.

@aira: Good for you! I’m sure FBG will get it sorted sharpish. I can’t imagine they’re having fun with a slow client either!

Anyone else finding the server fairly slow these days? I’ve started playing a bit more frequently recently and noticed UK evening time it can get pretty sluggish.

It’s seriously slow right now (FL itself too in fact), which is really annoying as I’m trying to work on my game at the moment! In general it’s not been too bad at all of late, although it’s never quite as fast as FL.

I got an error screen and suddenly the responsiveness is back to normal-ish. I guess someone remembered to plug something back in…