Serpent Gallery and Utmost Wind Expeditions

I am contemplating taking these two Fate-locked expeditions. But since they are fate-locked I am somewhat apprehensive of missing things there as it won’t be trivial to replay them. So I have a few questions and any spoiler-tagged replies, PMs or journal links would be much appreciated:

  1. Are there any Airs of Fallen Quarters events unique to these expeditions (much like &quotA Cautious Day&quot, which allows you to chat to your associates only happens on the Cave of Nadir expeditions) and if so could someone let me know the Airs numbers, please?

  2. Are there any items, quirks, stats (other than the supplies, obviously) that would be useful to have? I happen to have a Dusty Bookshop in my hand. Would this be a good use for it?

  3. Are there alternate or rare successes for these expeditions (like with the Shrine of Deep Blue Heaven expeditions)? (I am aware that Unexpected Treasures themselves obviously are random, but I am more referring to the expedition outcomes themselves). And generally is it worthwhile doing these expeditions more than once? I understand they can be profitable but I mean more from the point of view of lore or unique/hard to find items.

  1. No. [Edit: Ian is probably more trustworthy than me on this:(]

  2. Your Watchful should be very high for Gallery of Serpent so you can take the faster methods safely. The Rival is a bit harder to deal with than the regular rivals.

  3. No rare success, but additional rewards are slightly dependent on your choice for both stories.
    edited by Estelle Knoht on 6/3/2015

  1. I think they both have conversations that happen during the expedition, but I don’t remember it being Airs limited. Either they are unlocked by progress, or just common enough that I got them every time.