September Exceptional Story: The Path of Blood and Smoke

It just gives you 3 Tales of Terror, if you don’t have a great monstrous quality don’t worry, there’s no plot you’re missing :>

As soon as I saw those three would be involved, well, I reckoned something like that might not be postponed.


Few more hours to play the free prologue. :slight_smile:

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This one was awesome. Throughout it, I feared there would be no reference to my PC actually having the Ambition ending connecting them to the Priests of the Red Bird - but in the moment that mattered most, there was one. It did not change much - the God-Eaters gained in power, but instead of the Mottled Man, it’s the Red Bird who’s dominant among them for now. Fair deal for my part! Just too bad the Jaguar Blade didn’t come up anywhere, that would’ve been the visceral icing on the bloody cake. :grin:

(btw the text leading up the result I’ve linked above is: Follow the guidance of the Red Bird -
The Mottled Man governs this place, but the Red Bird knows the way. His priests lurk in the dark mirror below, and may guide you towards their ascendancy.)


I am only part way through this one and have lost the will to finish it. In a complete contrast to the previous month’s story (which I loved), this one so far has consisted of only ‘click to see the next bit of text’ and I am utterly sick of it already. Some people might have really enjoyed a bunch of amazing lore, but I am just sitting here wishing whoever wrote it would bear in mind that Fallen London is a game, not a novel. After how interactive August’s story was, this one has been a thoroughly dull ride. Back down to earth with a huge bump.

I’m hoping it will pick up at some point, but so far I have been entirely unengaged, to the point that I have stopped paying any attention to what is actually happening. In future can we have more like last month’s please, and less like this one?


I agree! Being one who can’t remember any lore and who never went Seeking, I found this a yawnfest and pretty annoying. Just wanted to go home. And didn’t learn anything that made any sense to me. Hoping the current ES is a bit better!


In the end I blindly clicked through it without reading anything to get to the end and back to London. I have never done that before, and never imagined I would.

Wow. I cannot imagine two more different reactions to the same story.

For me, the “gamey” part is totally secondary when the story is good enough. I often forget that I’m playing a game - feeling like I’m inside a novel is what I love about FL!

It’s usually only when a story isn’t captivating enough that I even start considering gameplay aspects.

But yeah, I’m a reader, not much of a gamer, and I’ve always felt that Fallen London was a game made particularly for people like me. Sorry, Plynkes… :upside_down_face:

:edit: All that said, I absolutely don’t mind a few more meaningful choices for us players! It’s just that I hardly register when they’re missing…


It’s usually only when a story isn’t captivating enough that I even start considering gameplay aspects.

That’s how it works for me too, and I just wasn’t captivated one bit. I think the linearity of the initial part is what soured me a little, and I couldn’t get past that bad feeling, I just wanted it over with. There was nothing about this story that could lift the mood my initial reaction engendered. I even left it a few days, hoping to come back to it with a fresh outlook, but it was to no avail. If anything it was worse.

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Oh, I had a terrible misluck: an internet troubles during this story. Specifically, during this scene:

I’ve choosen “Fight back!”, had 89% of success and the second chance (I did not have knife), but I do not even know if I win or loose. It was the next scene loaded after it. Very disheartening.

Extreemly cool story so far.

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…That’s rough buddy.

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