Sending mail during Fruit of the Zee festival

Here’s a little idea for next year. It would be nice if you could send mail from Mutton Island during the festival. The festival has been a lot of fun, but its annoying being incommunicado for days while grinding for all the different treasures.

If you could send letters during the festival, you could not only keep in touch with people back in London, but you could also roleplay attending the festival with friends who are also on Mutton Island.

Plus, it makes sense to temporarily have mail service there. The ferry is constantly going back and forth, and there’s no reason they couldn’t carry letters.

Would anyone else use this festival mail option if it existed?

Yes, I would use it. Sounds useful!

Basically another instance of the mail option in the Lodgings which can send letters anywhere? Makes sense, it could even be there all year round - Mutton Island doesn’t get further away during the festival, after all. It should probably charge a little more though since the letters have to be shipped back to London.

Perhaps not a full letter, but an option to send a postcard from Mutton Island? That has a roleplaying appeal, at least.

I love the idea of postcards! Mutton Island is so scenic, what with its quaint festivals, lovely fish, awesome ship wrecks, and inspiring well.

Another thing I wish we could do: invite other players who are on to the island to barbecues to partake in our strange catches, with different effects depending upon the catch level.

To do these though I think the player should still have to search through the festival.
edited by Anne Auclair on 8/21/2016

I agree that postcards from Mutton Island would be a charming idea!

Postcards would be lovely! Totally in character and a fun little way to let people back in London know what you’re up to. They could have preset text even. &quotGreetings from Scenic Mutton Island, home of the Rubbery Lumps!&quot, &quotWish you were here, at the Fruit of the Zee Festival!&quot
Could become a collectible, you know.
Ok, now I want a collection of postcards.

Ohh, that would be fun. I love all social actions, and the reach of our beloved Postal Rats is certainly well-known. The ability to send postcards from Mutton Island might go unused for most of the year but would be incredible during the Festival. (and the code might be re-usable for other locations that plausibly would have a postal office as well)

I 100% support this. Anything that lets you append the usual length text post would allow us to keep up our RP stories better.