Sending Case Files

Hey all, I’ve just recently hit Notability 12 and am in need of some Memento’s of silence.

So I started sending out letters, but I’ve run out of contacts…

If anyone wants to receive some notes, or send some themselves feel free!

My Profile: Fallen London

I’m fairly certain you already know all the sources of Mementos, and you’ve just narrowed it down to sending Watchful letters as the most optimal solution. In the case that you didn’t, if possible, there are actually two more ways to grind.

  • The first option is to send letters. Yes, obviously you’re doing that now, but you could also send additional letters in Gant or coded instruction if you know quite a few Licentiate friends or are a Midnighter yourself.
  • The second is to grind in the Chessboard in Parabola. The two mates and the draw offer all give a Memento on success. Obviously, this option is pretty bad, since you can just ask everyone on the forums anyhow.
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The Wiki says the only 2 methods are Case Files, and the Chessboard(Which is slow.)

With due permission, I would like to provide my humble aid towards the same goal: if anyone is in need of grisly case notes, do not hesitate to ask me.

No, but if you look in “a list of actions that raise this quality”…the two other epistolary sources are there.