Sending calling cards

Hi everyone,
How do I send a calling card to someone? Does the game suggest active players? I sent one, but they didn’t accept. I withdrawled it, but I added two contacts that the game suggested, but they aren’t apearing in the invite contacts dropdown.
Why would I want to show contacts I can’t invite? Furthermore, if I can’t invite them to send a calling card, why does the game suggest them as a contact?

Sending calling cards is in your lodgings, under attend to matters of society and scandal. Sometimes they can’t accept an invite if they don’t have the right items or are in the wrong place. If you’re sending calling cards, it’s probably because they went out to zee or something.

As for the game suggesting them, are you referring to the names appearing in the top right corner? Those are people who are recording things in their journals, in the same place that you are.

Edit: Feel free to send me a calling card at
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So, I tried to add you, and got the following message:
You have added suinicide (they are not eligible for this invitation)
So… who is?

It might be a bug. If it says that someone is not eligible, back out to the storylet, and then go back in again. See if that person is now available on the drop-down menu.