selling goods

Illustrious friends,

in my relatively brief life in Fallen London I have already understood that every goods has its use. However, I would like to start gaining some Echoes to buy the interesting gadgets, clothes or pets at the Bazaar. I thus find myself in a bit of a dilemma, because I would like to sell some goods but I’m afraid to lose something that will be sorely needed in the future.

I ask you then, what is best to sell, at least in the beginning? what are the goods that are less used, or perhaps easier to find? (for example, I was thinking about rostygold, or moon pearls…)

I would wait until you have around a thousand of the non-crafting ones: Rostygold, Moon Pearls, and Brass Slivers… and then sell about 100-300 of them at a time, keeping your amount in reserve around 1000. That way you have enough if you need them for something, but are making enough on a regular basis to afford the less-expensive items before you turn old and gray. Once you get around to getting most of what you want that’s ~28 echos or so, I’d keep a larger reserve of each (2000 or more) and sell off excess above that. I also tend to sell off enough of each thing to make a round number or multiple of 5 every time I go to the Bazaar tab, it eventually adds up, a couple pence at a time.
I don’t know if this is the most efficient plan, but I used it when I started out (although there was no crafting then, so I didn’t have to juggle around to figure out if I needed things for making other things) and I’m using it with the second character I’ve started, and I’m liking it fine.

I would suggest avoiding the selling of craftable items whenever possible. Rostygold and moon pearls are good to sell as they are common and not used in crafting. As suggested by Polarimini keep them above say a thousand and let that number go up as time goes on. Finally, don’t sell things unless you are about to buy something. There is no benefit in walking around with a bunch of unused echoes as they are never used outside the Bazaar. So decided you want to buy something, sell the items to get it, and buy it but avoid surplus echoes.

A slightly more complete list of common, inexpensive, and non-crafting goods (one pence apiece) would be: Gifts of Scorn, Moon-pearls, Nevercold Brass Slivers, Rats on a String, Rostygold, and Greyfields 1879s.

Of these items, Gifts of Scorn can only be gotten during the Feast of the Exceptional Rose but have no use beyond selling them for Echos (you will never find a storylet that requires them), and I would not sell Rats on a String for Echos until after you have permanently opened the way to the Labyrinth of Tigers, as doing so requires five thousand Rats on a String.

I assume i can sell off duplicative clothes items? For instance I find myself with 2 Shabby Opera Cloaks. I don’t need that second one, right?

I also find myself in possession of multiple Horsehead Amulets (weapon) - no need to keep more than one of that, right?

Also, I’m saving for a specific item - so I was wondering if there is any use in game (haven’t seen one so far) for Surface Currency or Relics of the Fourth City. They would help me get my goal, but I only have a couple hundred of each - and they don’t seem very common, so I figure I should hold on to them?

As always, illustrious friends, the sharing of your sagacious wisdom is appreciated!

I have never found a circumstance where having more than one of a particular article of clothing is beneficial, nor any wearable item, so yes the surplus can be sold.

Surface Currency (200) is one of the two items required to obtain permanent access to Wolfstack Docks (the other being 500 Glim). Beyond that, I do not recall Surface Currency or Relics of the Fourth City being used beyond the occasional storylet, and almost always in quantities of a hundred or less. Thus if you keep a hold of a thousand or so in reserve for such eventualities, you will have more than enough I’m quite sure.

You need 10 Ridiculous Hats to open the way to Mahogany Hall. (And a variety of other animals.)

Whispered Secrets, while craftable, are the only good that you lose value by crafting, so they’re essentially only useful for the places that explicitly require them. In the early game, you’ll have more Whispered Secrets than you need, and in the mid-late game, you’ll have more Cryptic Clues than you need.

One general rule of thumb: If you can easily get more of a given material, you may sell it. If you don’t have enough of an item you need, just get some more :)

If you do what I did, and take the Ways of the Forgotten Quarter a level or two below 61 in watchful, you can get quite a bit of Relics of the Fourth Quarter. I believe 12 an action. They sell for 5 pence apiece, so a stockpile of them is often very handy for a small purchase.