selling everything BUT . . . ?

I am startlingly close to being able to afford Cider if I sell literally everything (like, about three weeks, if my math is right).

But what shouldn’t I sell, either because it’s literally irreplaceable (not just very difficult to replace–edit, maaaayyybe with the exception of the Ubergoat), or it’s really an accomplishment/action hiding as an item?

Going down &quotSell My Things,&quot so far I have:

[ul]li Prison Shiv[/li][li]A Miniature Model Ship [/li]li Gift of Adoration, Gift of Scorn[/li][li]Sulky Bat (not because it’s rare, but because it’s only 20p and it gets me ~1.5/scraps a draw) [/li]li Bundle of Fourth City Rags (opp card fend-off)[/li]li Shrivelled Ball[/li][li]Cryptobotanical Rosette [/li][li]Page from the Liber Visionis [/li][li]Dark-Dewed Cherry [/li][li]M. Demeaux’s Advice for Captains: Commemorative Edition [/li][li]A Monstrous Orb[/li]li A Sealed Copy of the Crimson Book[/li]li Scuttering Squad[/li][li]Silent Soul[/li]li Meticulously Altered Stocking[/li][li]A River In A Box[/li]li Corresponding Ocelot (duh)[/li]li Slavering Dream-Hound (not that profitable, useful card)[/li]li Vial of Cantigaster Venom (Fate-locked)[/li]li Did not keep, but should have: Bazaar Permit (allow me to play the 4-scraps option on the Lofty Tower card)[/li][/ul]Am I missing anything? Can any long-timers look down their Sell My Things and see if there’s something access-code or Advent-calendar or otherwise one-time-only that I’ve overlooked?

(Yes, when I get Cider, I will be giving out sips in return for coffee/presents. Let me get there first.)
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rat of glory? dreadful surmise? Crimson book?

Here’s a list I made that I’d be hard pressed to part with.
However, most of this stuff is simply hard to come by and not worth the Echoes. If you’re comfortable selling it, feel free:

Prison Shiv
Soothe & Cooper Long-Box
Gift of Scorn
Gift of Adoration
Rattus Faber Rifle
Crumbled Remnant
Stone Ring
Bundle of Fourth City Rags(because that damnedable card)
Shrivelled Ball
Fragment of White Gold
Dubious Testimony & Sworn Statements(hard to come by. Never know when you’ll need them.)
Secluded Address(hard to come by)
Unusual Love Story(unless you’re heading to Huneter’s Keep any time soon)
Devilbone Die
Horsehead Amulet
Baptised Rattus Faber Corpse
Unearthly Fossil
Rubbery Euphonium(or other unique pet)
Complaisant Frost-Moth
A Sealed Copy of the Crimson Book
Meticulously Altered Stocking
Nodule of Trembling Amber
Direful Reflection
Bat with Attitude
A Blue and Shining Stone or Headful of Piquant Tales
Trade Secret(turn into Searing Enigmas & Antinque Mysteries)
Parabola-Linen Scrap
Primaeval Hint
Vial of M______’ B____
Vial of Cantigaster Venom
Fabulous Diamond
Elemental Secret
Dreadful Surmise

Great, thank you!

No Rat of Glory (edit: oh, but, Scuttering Squad!). I’m guessing that Dreadful Surmise and Crimson Book may come around again, plus they’re very profitable and I don’t have much sentimental attachment to them.
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Meticulously Altered Stocking (advent calendar)

Yeah, but do you want to risk it for a few Echoes you could get in a few lousy weeks?

Nigel, thanks!

Great points about the rags; and I overlooked the Gifts of Adoration/Scorn and the Shriveled Ball, thanks.

I have . . . 54 . . . Unearthly Fossils, are they that hard to come by? wikis Ah, I did a bunch of expeditions a while back, that was it.

I always sell the Vance tribute items so I can get more, and immediately convert my Trade Secrets.

I have two of these, but maybe I should keep one in case that’s a fluke and they won’t come around again . . .

Yeah, but do you want to risk it for a few Echoes you could get in a few lousy weeks?[/quote]
Hah, the Crimson Book wasn’t even being counted in the calculation because it’s not payable in echoes (I’m using the script). So sure, reserve that because I wasn’t counting it anyway. =>

Keep at least one. You never know when a extra +1 Watchful may come in handy between now and Sackmas, even if this comes around again.

Oh, I’m selling the Ubergoat, I’m not worried about stat enhancing–not for everyone, I know, but I’m honestly a little bored and would look forward to the challenge of rebuilding afterward. I just don’t want to do anything irrevocable.

A perfectly valid choice.
I can’t tell you how to live your soon to be unreasonably long life. give me a holler when you sell it, though, and I’ll take you off the list.

However, have you considered, instead of Cider…Heptagoat?

Nah. Heptagoat doesn’t get me anything but bragging rights just now, and Cider is useful.

[quote=an_ocelot]Oh, I’m selling the Ubergoat[/quote]And it’s not just any old Ubergoat - it’s the First Ubergoat!
(or at least, the first recorded Ubergoat)

[quote=dov]And it’s not just any old Ubergoat - it’s the First Ubergoat!
(or at least, the first recorded Ubergoat)[/quote]

I know! But I’ve got the tattoo to remember it by, I’m good.

(Hmm. Actually, keeping it would add another sixty days to the grind, but double that to recover it; that’s really not that bad, I wonder if I could be patient? Hmm.)

When I was selling things for the heptagoat, my rule of thumb was sell anything that I could recover in less than 1 year. By that standard a 60 day grind isn’t so bad. And it may be the first, but selling it would give you an opportunity to create its heir and continue the family tree. Also the cider pays out mad echos so the grind time is lessened if you sell now vs if you wait.
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NiteBrite, thanks so much, I didn’t remember that the Cider was profitable, silly me–that’s useful, thanks, I’ll keep it in mind!