Seeking the name in sunless sea?

The new update added content to the chapel of lights, which takes you through seven different stages, each one named something like Saint Arthur or Saint Forthigan. Does anybody know how this fits into seeking as a whole or have any perspective or important details I’m forgetting to mention on it? Or perhaps tell me how I’m wrong about this?
edited by suinicide on 6/22/2015
edited by suinicide on 6/22/2015

You may already know that those seven names are the names of seven candles which Seekers of Mr. Eaten’s Name were trying to obtain. I don’t think anyone ever got Forthigan or Gawain, although the end of the new Chapel of Lights sequence does shed some light on the nature of St. Gawain’s Candle. [Hold on, I have a very large rat in my house that’s starting to drool at the mention of a candle that size.]

It’s not clear exactly how the Chapel of Lights fits into Seeking overall. Are they a final destination of sorts for Seekers? Are they a splinter-group that might be worshipping something other than just the Drowned Man? The content of their services has some old familiar stuff about what happened to Mr. Eaten and the earlier cities of the Neath, and some new suggestive material.

Alexander Feld had (and might possibly still have) the St. Forthigan candle, just before the Seeking content was frozen.

And I seem to remember that Spacemarine9 briefly had access to St Gawain’s, as a practical joke by Alexis.

I just finished the Chapel of Lights services (with extensive savescumming) and I just want to ask… What was that? I’m sorry, I don’t know how to put spoilers and I’d rather not ruin it for those poor (read: sane) chaps who have not yet finished it, but can someone please explain? I took the option that did not include running away, and became a ‘(somewhat literal)candle’ for the congregation, but what does that entail? Is there now a St. Aegis’s candle, or do I just become the new ‘nobody’?