Seeking the Name Active?

I have read a variety of contradictory things, even different pages on the wiki are crossed out and not. Has the quest for the Name been discontinued, or has it been discontinued and reopened? I would love to pursue this mad and ruinous endeavor at some point soon, but don’t want to run up against a content wall that has been stated will never progress.

The issue is that while it says &quotsometime in 2014,&quot that really means very little. Has it been reopened? We have long been in 2014, but the blog post you reference has not been updated with an assertion that either it has, in fact, been reopened, or whether it has been postponed indefinitely as often happens with such projects.

No, it hasn’t reopened. I believe it has been pushed back, however.

I wouldn’t expect anything till SS is out. (Said with no authority whatsoever.)

I believe when Chris gave an overview of what was coming out (with Hallowmas, the Ambitions, etc.) there was no mention of Seeking returning. Unless they’re staying silent (which is a possibility, but I’d be surprised), it’ll be early next year before Seeking is back.

That’s a shame, as it was one of the things that first compelled me to stick with Fallen London. It’s tantalizing and so very fundamentally different than can be found in other games of any genre that it really sticks with me. I hope they do bring it back and suppose adding my name (heh) to those seeking its return is the best that can be done.

A reckoning, as they say, is not to be postponed indefinitely.

Seekers have for some time been able to see an Impossible!-locked option in their lodgings with the legend ‘Soon, but not very soon.’ If that helps.