Seeking Recommendations for Railway Board Membership

I am an endgame player with all modified stats near 300 and have completed the entire railway. The only thing I use the railway board for is to get two dividends per week. Each week I bring the Tentacled Entrepreneur onto the board, take his money :smile: , vote him off the board, and then vote myself two dividends. My current board is:
Jovial Contrarian (I always seek his vote first)
His Amused Lordship
The Viscountess of the Viric Jungle
The Bishop of St. Fiacre’s

I am happy with the first three listed members as their votes for both the removal of the Tentacled Entrepreneur and the dividend are either near 100 or easy to “buy”.

The Bishop of St. Fiacre’s is the one that I would like to replace. Who would you recommend I replace him with given that the only votes I take are those described above (dividend and removal of the Tentacled Entrepreneur). Thanks.

My board is the Jovial Contrarian, the Gracious Widow, September, and the Drummer. Aesthetically, as a Crooked Cross, I quite like this weird jumble of mischief, but it’s also a series of 100% checks that, ironically, leaves me not using my Crooked Cross power of Obfuscation at all. For the three weekly checks (Vote out the Entrepreneur, Dividend 0, Dividend 2):

  • the Drummer doesn’t care about the Entrepreneur, nor finances. Persuasive 167+ for 100%
  • September and the Widow’s antipathy towards the Bazaar cancels out their concern about money. 167+ for the Entrepreneur (neither cares), 167+, then a very achievable Persuasive 234+.
  • The Contrarian of course can be 100% with the Portable Fingerking Moot, or Persuasive 334+ if you want to flex (requires a Persuasive Treasure, either a Persuasive Profession or Persuasive Destiny (or both, go wild!), as well as top-of-the-line Persuasive gear)

Widow is propably the best replacement of St.Fiarce, with a easy atttitude towards dividends and the removal of Tentacle. She even brings you a chance to vote for certain charitable groups of upper river, granting you a 62.5worth tortoise wine per week. What’s more, Widow is easy to get.

My board is:

Tentacled Entrepreneur

The only vote below 96% that I have to deal with is the entrepreneur, who likes to vote against the Widow’s “charity”. He would be against the other stuff, but that’s the only vote that needs a 5th board member, so he’s kicked right after.

Viscountess is the one that’s 96% on some things instead of 100%, but she gets a pass because of the auto-vote for deploying the war train