Seeking Pages in the Medusa's Head

This is a background event I wrote for a roleplay on another site, but I thought it might be enjoyed by all of you here as well. Probably not canon-compliant, but you never know.

&quotAh, Obscuritant Zee-Captain. If I’d known you were here I would have be more incognispicuous. Does our understandably malingerevolent comrademy have any messages for me?&quot

Somehow the captain understands this without much effort. &quotThe one you wish so hard to forget remembers you. He has walked through your dreams like the ghost he is; he knows that you argued for leniency in the matters of the Second and Third. You amuse him and you show signs of regret; you will be better off than most of your fellows in a reckoning.&quot

Pages–for it is undeniably Pages, no one else is so giftedly bad at English–is taken aback for a moment, then nods. &quotI have most sorrowfuriating necessigretitudes in that matter. Nonetheless, I would prefer no reckoningizing occur.&quot

&quotA reckoning will not be postponed indefinitely.&quot The words echo, as if another voice had momentarily joined in.

Pages sighs, looks around and sighs again upon realizing that all the tables are currently in use. &quotIs there anyone willighted to spare a Master a table? Preferably without excess gossipitude, I did not intend to be so spotlightful.&quot

If I continue this, I’ll have to see if I can add in such phrases as ‘unlubbery communicommando’ and possibly ‘joyfarthericious’ :D