Seeking friends, enemies, and confidantes. [RP]

I’ve been wandering the halls of the Royal Beth for a long time, now. I couldn’t tell you how long. There was a time when I moved in the sea of social intercourse like a fluke, quietly orbited. It has gotten quiet around me of late. I am far too familiar with the inside of my own eyelids.

I require calling cards, affection, proposals, demands. Assault me with your needs, my children. But be courteous, be kind, be eloquent. Your status is worthless… but your words can buy you anything in this sunken world.

Tell me your dreams, your nightmares, your love stories. Show me who you are, and perhaps I can dredge up some memory from this dreadful silt to repay you.

[I would like people to roleplay with! Send me whatever you like - I’m not doing SMEN, so preferably not that, but hey, if you talk it up enough, sure. What’s important to me is the letter that accompanies your action. I want to write with you. Please write to me.]