Seeking Connoisseurs of Colour!

Greetings to you, Gentefolk of all kinds who stumble upon this missive. I find myself needing to enlist a most unusual sort of assistance.

I am scheduled in due course to embark upon a new operation. The purveyance and distribution of a particular good: the colours of the Neath. My sources are accounted for, my logistics in place, and couriers stand at the ready. However, there remains one thing left to secure before I may commence operations: the quality of the items themselves.

To be blunt, I shall soon embark upon an enterprise depending almost entirely on the veracity of these colours, and I am seeking 1 assistant for each colour in the Neathbow to verify my stock. Any who believe themselves intimate with the proclivities of Irrigo, or knowledgeable in the quirks of Cosmogone , I encourage you to apply. Chiefly, your task will simply be to gaze upon the colour and search for imperfections or imbalances that my unfamiliar eye simply can not detect.

While I welcome all interest in this regard, I must specify some stipulations. Please only apply if you can adhere to strict non-disclosure; secrecy is the cornerstone of my enterprise, and one I can not afford to squander. Please keep in mind that only one volunteer per colour may be selected. Please note that some positions require at least two eyes; more than two are accepted, but less is worthy of mention. Please keep in mind that at least one position requires the assistant to be or have been capable of dream.

Those who are interested, please leave a reply below this posting

Sir, I am intimately familiar with the properties of Violant - and I am intrigued. Let us discuss this matter further.

I can claim myself exceptionally knowledgeable with all things peligin. My first concern, however, is whether there is a higher than normal chance of dying while assisting at this mysterious task.

All supernatural abominations are provided as-is. While we don’t strictly anticipate an increase in death or injury, our policy is the Bazaar’s default; Caveat Emptor.

I’ll contact the two of you through PMs to discuss the viewing.

I suspect, though of course cannot be certain, that I am familiar with… what is it? Irrigo?

PMs sent off to the both of you, and I offer a preemptive exclamation of gratitude for your assistance in this matter.

Should any of you run into any difficulties or unpleasentness in the process of your viewing, do not hesitate to contact me. Some of these colours may be difficult to handle.

I am not entirely certain what you are asking, but I am fond of cosmogene… do you require a person in a color-associated profession?

Not in the slightest. I simply require someone familiar with each colour in the Neathbow to verify my stock. My stock of colours. That I definitely didn’t steal. Probably. It’s not important. Probably.

Should you feel you’ve enough experience with the intricacies of cosmogone to recognize and evalutate its colour and bouquet, I encourage you to apply.
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As a Seeker, I am covered in weeping scars of Gant.

In that case, certainly I am familiar enough with cosmogene to sample your stock, my friend!

Two more messages sent, and two more colours accounted for. What remains is the most brilliant apocyan. Events move apace.

I’ve spent so much time staring at apocyan from afar; surely I’m qualified for this strangest of enterprises.

The final message has been sent. I await but a few replies before advancing my enterprise…

Of the 7 assistants who volunteered, the investigators of Cosmogone, Violant, and Gant have not been heard from since. The others have my utmost gratitude. They have significantly advanced the proliferation of impossible colour.

Since it’s been two weeks, those three positions are in need of new volunteers.

Hmm. Whilst the lightless light called Cosmogone does render even the devout among us slightly fearful, trembling (or so it’s said), and truly I myself recall both feelings as I pen even a furtive response to your solicitation, Sir, I should be remiss were I not to affirm that the faint bloom of its awe-ful imprint upon my eyes has been noted and known, and that that airy hope and blessed wrath do linger on them as the faintest whispers, ever since. Moreover, while I am a humble servant of my parish and no painter or great philosopher, I feel I’d be remiss were I not to speak or to inquire further.

As to the absent Madame Crowe: our prayers are with you.


A message sent; a colour restored. Two more remain, that each slighted might have their reckoning. The future rushes towards us, for such a thing may not postponed indefinitely.

I may be able to assist you with Violant, sir, if such assistance is still necessary?

A message, a return, an advancement of proliferation. A single reckoning remains.

Another two weeks, and yet more disappearances . Peligin is in need of a charitable soul, while Violant and Gant have claimed yet another. Any who brave the risks and offer their assistance would find it cherished.
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Sir, I beg your forgiveness - I had neglected to send you my notes, but they should now be with you.