Seeking advice for The Forgotten Quarter

Should I consider unlocking the Forgotten Quarter? My watchful is lvl43, although it says I should be a lvl60+

Thank you in advance.

The advice isn’t bad. I think you’d be failing the challenges too often for it to be worthwhile. Probably best to stay in Ladybones Road for the moment, if you want to boost your watchful.

I suppose I should. Plus, I need to increase my shadowy as it seems it’s tied with watchful.

You’ll need to train all your stats in the end. 100 with equipment is needed for a certain step in your journey to importance in the Neath. Not all at once, thankfully, so you can use equipment to get there more quickly.

I see.

If you’re looking at going on expeditions in the forgotten quarter, don’t forget it can get quite expensive also to build up supplies! I’d advise to build up your watchful a bit (or enhance with items) before going there, as if you fail, it means building up your supplies to the amount you need again.

If you are in a position to open an area do so, you don’t need to spend time there unless you are ready. But as your watchful is low watch out for nightmares. When you get to expeditions my advice is to not start until you have 100 supplies and then replace them before your next expedition. It is very annoying to fail through lack of supplies and you keep any left after an expedition so just need to replace the ones you use.

Wait, are the supplies like Detective’s Progress or Inspired?

Nope, supplies are actual items. You collect them, and use them during an expedition. Any left over are available for use in your next expedition.

Oh, I kinda get it now.