Seeking a new profession; what say you?

After years of flip-flopping between a prominent scholar in the correspondence and donning a the glassman’s cosmogon spectacles, I find myself weary of these professions along with their equipment, payments, and activities (or lack thereof). So now I come ask you, what other professions would you recommend based on their equipment, items, and actions? I have looked through the options several times myself, however I am indecisive in the matter and would like some insight into what people might recommend.

As a PoSI with max stats, I myself am a Doctor. Each profession item gives only a couple additional points in each stat for me, so with only a couple options by now for which higher stats are even relevant I prefer just having an additional 10 echoes per week.

When comparing with Bazaar gears and other obtainable with or without fate gears, The Violant Ink, Cosmogone Glasses and Crooked Cross are the best for the stats they grant.

Cosmogone Glasses grant +12 to Dangerous as a hat, while the second best in all the game is the Semiotic Monocle tied with the Iron Hat, at 6. However, the Persuasive it grants is only 2 points more than some Bazaar alternatives.

Both the Crooked-Cross and the Pot of Violant Ink grant a Persuasive +12 weapon. While you can get close to it with the Underground Organ, the highest you can get without fate is +6 for a Persuasive weapon. Their second stat, Shadowy and Watchful respectively, are also good because they grant +12 on those stats and the other best Shadowy/Watchful weapons are also both at +8.

For those who don’t use fate, Midnighter is also good in terms of stats because it is the only non-fate Home Decoration that grants BDR.

It is also worth noting that there will be a good option in one of the days of Mr Sacks if you are a Notary or a Doctor. That is, if they keep the same content.

Keep in mind that this guide only views the professions in terms of material rewards. All professions have their own perks and you shouldn’t choose one based solely on this. (For example, some professions can attend to Salons/Orphanages and others unlock options like the Monster-Hunter, when hunting for Plated Seal.)
edited by Fluby on 12/1/2016

That’s not correct anymore. The item for Renown: Docks 40 is also Persuasive +10.

I wish that professions had more storylets tied to them. I do love the Scholars profession from a role-playing standpoint, but I find its payment and options to be useless to me. Looking through the profession rewards and items I am currently leaning towards either sticking with the Glassman profession or switching over to a writer for the free cellar of wine.

From a RP standpoint, I’d kill for the final Bag a Legend update to have a Monster-hunter option.

Having tired of a profession with a special item, I went for the cash option. I’m now a notary, all in keeping with the mercenary nature of my character. Being a doctor is a little too noble for him/her/it.

At this point I don’t really need the special items from any given profession, so I am mostly looking for new storylets or the payments provided.

As a newly self-appointed Licentiate I can say that it doesn’t provide much in terms of stat-boosting and swaps Murderer’s +Dreaded for +Bizarre; but there is also somehow very satisfying feeling of having my personal list of aliases to… Shhhh.