Seeking a mentor

I find myself, in the month I have been in Fallen London, totally entranced by it all. It is rather like reading a very good set of books. Each one as interesting to pursue as the others. However, I DO know myself. I am tenacious, over enthusiastic in my curiosity and just a tad obsessive.

My ventures are many, the paths am I am on - numerous. My qualities are all in the 50s save Shadowy which is nearing 80. I have read these pages and those of the Wiki voraciously and followed, as best I can, the sage wisdom found.

But I have reached the point when I need to take stock and cease dashing about like a kid in a candy store. I seek someone of more wisdom and experience to look at my inventory and my ventures. I am spread out all over the place and need to take a breath to take stock.

Is there any who would undertake this challenge and root through my new life to advise me?

Much thanks in advance.

I’d be happy to help with anything you need!

You may ask me any question you like, whether on Twitter, via the skype group, or on here. I highly recommend reading my newbie guide here on the forums, if you haven’t done so already.

I am trying to post…this is just a test. It seems that I am also getting error messages on Pm…eek. everyone will think I am the most ungrateful of persons!

[color=rgb(51, 0, 153)]What sort of error messages on pms? Please can you report to if it is still happening? I did move the thread to the player interaction section.[/color]

Thank you, but I did that already. It happens on normal posting as well. I now copy my messages, so that if it happens I can keep trying. It doesn’t usually work though. I will just with for a reply. (I also contacted an admin here.)

It’s a server runtime error.

I’ve tried copy paste into Word, into Notepad. still having trouble posting. can you help? emailed failbetter games and was told a Forum issue.

[color=rgb(51, 0, 153)]Does it happen on all pcs? Have you tried a cache clear?[/color]

It seems to me as if you’re doing rather well already, to be honest…
You might wish to save up for some better lodgings, though; if you’ve not begun already. The scraps end up becoming rather useful for getting new objects or for getting items if you’re uncertain on what items you need.

Otherwise, your next goal should be to finish the Docks/Flit/Court/University storylines and becoming a Person of Some Importance. Don’t feel that you need to rush through it, though.
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