Seeking a Chain Letter [Mr. Eaten's Calling Card]

I’ve pursued a carousal of hunger, but I weary of it’s grind.

Please deliver a certain calling card, to speed me to my end.

Taking a slightly different tack:

Fallen London has finally reached SMEN 21. I have 7 Enigmas for God’s Editors (plus 7 more for St. Arthur’s Candle), as you can see on my profile. I am looking for a loan of a calling card, to boost me to 28, and I can handle the rest myself. It should take me only a couple of days on the Isle, maybe 3 if I get unlucky.

If you don’t need your card anymore, then if you pass it to me I will use it for a couple of days and then pass it to someone else in need.

Edit: After 2.5 weeks, gheesh sent me their calling card. Thank you so much!
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Enid Muria has lost her senses and is spiraling towards bottom. A certain calling card would speed her on her way. Would anyone have one to spare, please? She would be much endebted.

I’ve got an extra Calling Card for anyone who wants it.

I have finished with the card that was sent to me by gheesh. Enid Muria (Nirrti) is showing as “lacks qualities,” which I assume means she has gotten a card and not mentioned it. I sent mine on to Selnara (Emlyn).

All other requests are sufficiently old that there isn’t much point looking into them; maybe Seeker Maldeb doesn’t have their card yet.

Seeking a calling card for my alt, Listening Leaper

I too do not yet have a card. I will use the God’s Editors route if I need it, however posting here first in case some are knocking around.

Seeking on my alt, I’m looking for a card until I can get my own and return the favor.

Fellow seekers, I too need assistance to take the next step on this foolhardy journey. If there are any former seekers still out there, your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please send to the second account, as my primary has more sense than to ask for the key to her own destruction.
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Seeking (heh) a CC on my alt. I know it’s a long shot, but it’d save me the pain of the God’s Editors route. Cheers!

This one right here!
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I’d also appreciate a card, if anyone has one to spare. Thanks!

If a fellow seeker has a certain card they no longer have need of, this seeker would be honored to discretely borrow it. Fallen London

Faber, a far too curious gentleman, is in search of a certain calling card.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Melin is currently in the progress of acquiring St Cerise’s candle and would greatly appreciate if any kind fellow seeker could send her a calling card for the next step in the Search.

EDIT: Already received a card.
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I would love a card.

Ralph Stokesey wonders if there are any fellow seekers who can spare a calling card?


Honestly, I didn’t think I’d get as involved in this game as I did. Hence, my seeker, aptly named Margadolf Thatchler, decided that it’s for the best to leave this place, to go North. Any assistance in helping her be free of these wretched thoughts would be much appreciated.
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The Mad Rover would love a card.

[quote=Jantonaitis]Ralph Stokesey wonders if there are any fellow seekers who can spare a calling card?[/quote]

Still looking for a Mr Eaten Calling Card.

Or failing that, tips on how to get to Notability 12 in a post-dinner now that social actions don’t generate much MW anymore.