Seeing Through the Eyes of Icarus invites

Greetings, delicious friends.

Not sure if there’s already a thread for this, but the Icarus quality has been increasing a bit too slow for my liking…especially since the next part of the story apparently requires 15, and I’m at 5 or so. If you ever draw the Neath’s Mysteries card, I wouldn’t mind Going to the Theatre with some of your delectable entrails. I mean company. Yes, delectable company. Um, delightful company.

Salt The First
edited by Salt on 11/18/2016

I finally got that card after, what, several days? Invite sent.

Someone else has also sent me a ticket to the Theatre, thanks for that! Only 9999999 more CP to go…

I’m so very close to 15… I just need one invite to the theater! If I get the card first, I’ll add one of you.