Secular Missionary and Revolutionary Firebrand


After a long, long time, I have finally made it to the Cave of Nadir. On the way out I seem to have the option to interact with this Missionary and Firebrand. The only thing is, I can hardly remember them. I played their story ages ago and only recently explored the Forgotten Quarter. Would anyone give me a run down or share their opinions, please?

Both have links to the Revolutionaries, but their involvement seems a little bit borderline.

To my understanding…

The Secular Missionary is largely self interested, forceful and devious.

The Firebrand is repentant, thoughtful, and a bit of a wet blanket.

You can of course tell them both to b----r off and steal their Mourning Candles,

They both have the same Stat profile and both can be upgraded (I think for fate?) at the coming Feast of the Rose. I pretty sure you can marry whichever you picked after that, I think. (If you feel the need?)

I took the Missionary. I like the portrait art better and her brilliant title :)
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Yeah my understanding is that the Firebrand actually believes in the revolutionary cause, where the Missionary merely works with them for profit.

Did I understand it right though? The Firebrand is much more of a social revolutionary than say most of the Calendar council. He wants to liberate the masses through clever polemic, not blow up police stations, or extinguish the stars.

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From what I remember, the Firebrand is very much into advancing the Liberation of Night.

[li]If that’s the case, then there’s ANOTHER good reason to keep the jerk locked up in my basement.

I gave him a mop for his birthday :P

I seem to remember the Firebrand sort of off-screen &quotdisposing of&quot (i.e. murdering) an urchin in lieu of payment. I could be misremembering, of course, or interpreting incorrectly, but that’s how I read it.

But even without that I wouldn’t have sided with him. I eyerolled at him from the beginning. Him, the Jovial Contrarian, and a sack full of weights at the bottom of the zee? Sounds lovely to me :)

I prefer the Firebrand over the Missionary any time. At least the man will help you establish your Newspaper.

You’re leaving the Nadir with no memory of the events that led you there? That’s perfect. I hope the team adds a “Who are these people?” option.

Missionary is a clever and deceptive schemer, as said before. I’m not sure if she’s really a &quotmissionary&quot - shreds of information about her past on the Surface hint at something more complex and shady.
As for Firebrand… He’s honest at least. And his opinion about Liberation is somewhat obscure.

In fist part of the story he says on few occasions ‘One day we will light such a fire…’ or ‘But one day, we will see the fires burn low’ quiet enthusiastically, but closer to Nadir, when you confront him about his connection to Missionary, he replies ‘The liberation of night.’ Her phrase. I wish I hadn’t used it.’ So… who knows.
And he admitted few aggressive revolutionary acts and/or inclination to commit them together with player character.

And he’s clearly a huge nerd, maybe that’s why he’s so endearing to me :)

I just thought the Firebrand was ridiculously good looking and was in love with his wonderful cheek bones. The missionary was a bit too porcelain doll for my liking. Simple (and yes, airheaded) choice for me ;)

Thank you, everyone, for your opinions and help. I’ve decided to side with the Firebrand, partly because the Missionary is too shifty (that’s the wrong word for it) and I don’t trust her not to betray me, and partly because, like navchaa, the Firebrand’s rather attractive. Not that the Missionary isn’t, she’s gorgeous, but I don’t trust her at all and I think the Firebrand could be more… malleable to my own agenda.

I vaguely remember that these two were married at one point.Could anyone confirm if that is fact or simply an effect of the Nadir on my memories?

Yes, they were married. (maybe they still are?)

Well, now I feel quite the home-wrecker! ;)

I felt bad enough messing about with the Once-Dashing Smuggler…
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Well, now I feel quite the home-wrecker! ;)

I felt bad enough messing about with the Once-Dashing Smuggler…
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He’s married??? Well, no wonder he never called me! I have half a mind to get myself exiled to the tomb colonies just so i can slap him :P

On the other hand, I never felt bad about chasing after the Firebrand, since it was pretty obvious his marriage was over (if not legally, at least in spirit)


I may very well be wrong, but got I the strong impression he and the Widow may once/still are a thing. Considering I’d only just made my toast to her, it felt a little two-faced. :)

Wait a sec… transgressive love stories…? D–n you Masters! You got me!

In any case, what better place to set up a marriage counseling service than the Cave of Nadir? 'What ever we’re we fighting about dear? I really can’t remember…&quot ;)

He’s married??? Well, no wonder he never called me! I have half a mind to get myself exiled to the tomb colonies just so i can slap him :P


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IIRC, the whole story of the Secular Missionary begins with her contacting you to help her find her lost husband.

There’s no reason to feel like a home wrecker, though. It seems pretty obvious that their relationship is opportunistic at best.

That home wrecked itself, haha

Exactly. It seemed like a marriage of convenience at best. What home? ;)

Plot twist: They we’re actually married in the Neath and it was a Notable wedding. However, one of them deactivated their account ;)