Second Chance items changed?

In the past, when I fail and have a second-chance item, it lets me retry any of the options in that storylet.
So one thing I like to do is, I attempt a hard option, and then if I fail, I take an easier one for the second-chance.

Just now I got a failure and the game only offered to let me reattempt the same option, not to try an easier one. :(
Is this something that changed recently?

yeah, talked about here:


Like the dislike.

I can’t say I’m TOO fond of this change, after all I took advantage of this a few times, though never in any utterly gamebreaking circumstances (Usually just trying on a modest/chancy, then taking a straightforward if that failed).

However, I can understand WHY it was done. I don’t think second chances were intended to allow that, and I’ve always sought them under the notion that I would be trying to repeat an action I just tried anyway. Being able to ensure I got at least something when I failed was just an occasional bonus.

I’d be totally fine with this if we had the choice whether to spend a second chance or not. We’ve been asking for that for ages.

As long as we still have the option to pick “Perhaps not” after failing the initial attempt, I don’t mind.

I may stand corrected, but I think I read in one of the threads about the recent changes that old Second Chances system sometimes originated bugs, so I think that’s the main reason they changed it.