Second account for the same e-mail?

I clearly do remember someone had noticed there’s an option to create the second FL account with the same e-mail. How you’d do that?

Many thanks!

One example would be to use a gmail account for both signing in via gmail and making an email account with that gmail address.

The way I normally write my email address has a period in it, but if I give my email without the period, I still get the email (while it appears to the site to be a unique email address). That might be the easiest way to set up a second account with the same email, though it does mean that all your notifications for both characters end up in the same box, which can be a little confusing at times.

And it won’t mess up my first character?

Or should I use a Twitter?

Gmail, at least, lets you easily create infinite aliases. Just do All of those will register as unique addresses.

I’ve used a second email address, though I already had that set up beforehand.

Were I in your situation, I’d use a Twitter account that is linked to the email address you’re wanting it to be with - though having said that, I’m not familiar with the mechanics of how this will work.
(This is your own decision, in any case.)

Worst-case scenario, you delete the second account and try again. :-)