Secluded adress

Hey, I need to make a favor in high places, and I need a secluded adrress. Easiest way to get one?

If you haven’t finished the big rat story, at one point there’s a repeatable action that gives 1 secluded address each time you use it.

Depending where you are in the game, you can acquire Favours in High Places directly too:

  • midnighters are paid in them
  • stolen kisses convert up to them nicely and provide making waves
  • in lieu of rather better pay outs, you can gain them through the newest heist and A Polite Invitation
  • at the end of a round in Port Carnelian

That said, secluded addresses can be found outside (not first coil) of the labyrinth of tigers through a luck check, while fighting the Big Rat at a step I can’t remember, and at Zee if you’ve a Yacht.

big rat seems to be my best option in that case. Thanks!

It’s when you are gathering your forces against the big rat in the flit.

You can get Secluded Addresses as a 10% luck success with the Decency Evaluator in the Empress Court by trading in candles while working on something for the Court.
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As previously mentioned, you can (if prepared to grind a fair number of turns; about 10 on average, I reckon) get Secluded Addresses by thieving from &quotMr Pages’ Educational Picture Postcards and Assorted Souvenir Stationery&quot, which is a stall in the The Bazaar’s Emporium of Educational Curiosities.

Getting to the Emporium requires drawing A Trip to the Labyrinth of Tigers card, and is fairly expensive; there’s absolutely nothing to do once you’re in but some expensive tourist shopping (not recommended) and a spot of purely luck-based shoplifting. The shoplifting is a better bet, since failure is not punished by any increase in suspicion, some of the luck checks are a lot more generous than the one in Mr. Pages’ Stationery, and you can get various rare items if you’re lucky.

I reckon it’s worth doing once if you urgently need a Secluded Address, and the Trip card comes up.

You can get to Labyrinth of Tiger for free if you finish dueling with the Black Ribbons and Hunting Beasts.