Season of Explorations Item Turn-in

The Confounded Traveller is going on an expedition. Requires completing all Season of Exploration stories (Noises from Upstairs, Tauroktonos, and The Stag and the Shark).

Echo if you wait all three times: Fallen London

Here’s an echo if you wait two times, then go down beneath the zee:

Still waiting on the opportunity card, though I received a Starstone Denmark in compensation.

Loved the little story. No opportunity card for me either, so far, though!
Unfortunately, the turn-ins take so long to come out I have usually forgotten what the storylet was about the first time.
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So finally we see Lady Black outside Sunless Sea. She seemed kinda out of left field there so I hope we get more info on who (or what) she is soon.

BFW: adding spoiler tag
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Ooooh, that was Lady Black? Didn’t make the connection!

BFW: adding spoiler tags
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I wish those last two posts had been in spoiler tags… :(

Yeah, me too…

Please use spoiler tags.

I really enjoyed the mini story and implications of it, more than most season turn ins. Caroline did get the card a bit later the day she finished it.

Has anyone not waited at all? would you post the echo, please? :) (my character would prefer to wait at least once but having seen how vastly different the story is between waiting twice and waiting all three times…I’d like to know what happens if one is too impatient to wait at all)
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Oh, so sorry about the spoiler tags!
Now off to the zee…

A shorter conclusion than normal, but still very interesting! Good to see more lore on this subject, given how little it comes up in SSea…

Edit: Just got the epilogue card, and

Was the Traveller the boy in the story he told about Lady Black? Now that he tired of wandering the world and returned to her, she let Mereid return above the waves.

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That’s a good observation. Seems very possible.

That makes it even more lovely.

I’ve been out of London for a while (the perils of a move and new classes), and the good Professor seems to be drifting above the city. So before I send him Londonward, I had a question:

Is waiting all three times the only way to restore Mereid to the surface? Sian’s not likely to pass up a chance to explore a drowned city, but I rather like that ending.

Waiting 2 times or less will give you a warning and you’ll turn back to London, which is a good thing thing because if you wait 3 times you’ll a bit of extra text where your boat almost gets crushed by the rising buildings. Either way you’ll hear afterwards that Mereid has risen.

Excellent. Many thanks.