Season of Endeavor conclusion

The final seasonal conclusion is out! Follow the Exuberant Urchin and discover what he’s been up to.

Reward information below:

Top options: Knotted Sock, Dreadful Surmise
Middle options: Fisher-Kings, Fecund Amber
Bottom options: The Regiment, Fabulous Diamond
One of each: Noughts and Crosses, Elemental Secret

It’s kind of hard for me to let go of my Portrait of a Tabby in Repose. I want to keep this memento.

That was… not bad. And short.

Since I did not play the entire season, I do not have a problem. I will keep my Portrait of the Tabby forever! Yay.

I really don’t want to give up my Portrait of the Tabby either

Anyone know what happens/have an echo if you don’t avoid the thing in the attic? I kinda misunderstood what I was selecting at that choice, and ended up completely missing out on the one thing I wanted to see more of ;-;

edit: nevermind just realized I can re-run the entire event lol
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edited by Xorph on 6/12/2020

If I can’t see it, does that mean I didn’t complete the season, or am I missing something?

If it’s any consolation, if you buy all the clothing-cats from Mr. Chimes’ shop in the Bazaar and you have access to the House of Chimes, you can go there after buying them all to get adopted by his brother.

Oh gosh - what are Slivvy’s descriptions of the different gangs?

I loved this. [spoiler] I loved how excited the Urchin was and I loved the whimsical route I needed to pass in order to get to Slivy. Although I did not quite understand the relevance of the Haunted house: I played victim for Fishing and pickpocketing, but what experience were the urchin-tourists after in the “Haunted” house?

If I wasn’t as tired as I am from the work week, I’d make a relevant comment about “authentic Other experience”-tourism and the like, but alas.

In any case; I really enjoyed this season’s conclusion.[/spoiler]

I can hardly express my sadness about having to give this up. :(

So Slivvy’s like an AU [spoiler]Peter Pan who just doesn’t ever grow old.

Does this make Storm Tinkerbell? :D[/spoiler]
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