Searching for the Careworn Journalist

As in, literally searching. The wiki says it’s available in Spite but it isn’t appearing for me! I haven’t begun it yet (I double and triple checked my character’s page. Not a drop of muck to be seen) and I don’t have a profession. I’ve seen other users confirm it isn’t locked when you get a high shadowy stat, and other people have this issue, but haven’t actually seen how anyone solves it. Is it something you find in a card pull? Please I am so unemployed

What’s your “a name whispered in darkness”? Just to be sure.

I don’t have any! Is it something I need? I didn’t see any mention of that on the wiki, I don’t think!

It’s the unlock requirement. Doing other things in Spite ought to open it up.

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Specifically, the Courier’s Secret line.