Searching for a Spouse

Just a thread for those searching for a player Spouse, or at least someone to be Seen With.

A speed-dating page, in other words? I would probably join if I didn’t have a spouse already.

Exactly. I know it’s quite a bit late, but there’ll always be a new guy (or gal) who needs a spouse.

I’ll add my name here. No marriages of convenience. ;)

Sent a message to the above, for I seek a companion as well.

Having recently acquired wonderfull new lodgings with my dear (if somewhat morally questionable) friends, I only want for a companion to share them with. I find the vastness of these chambers quite chills my heart, even though the temperature here is most pleasantly warm.

Edit. I think I may have found what I was looking for.
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i too long for someone

Hello there, the charming detective is looking for a lady to share his… rooms above a Bookshop… a bit messy and dusty, but it’s a chance to share his promising future!

I am also looking for someone to share my cottage with! It was a bit dusty at first, but I’ve made over the whole thing and created a wonderful garden as well! The wild mushroom creatures seem content with grazing on the borders of it, so I’ve solved that problem, too.

I am looking for a lady to share my lodgings with

Am I even capable of limiting myself to one? Once I did think so. But she is gone, disappeared into the ether along with piles of Fate. What to do now, but assume I am meant to be alone, or extend myself once more?

Interested in exploring marriage.

I would also be interested in exploring marriage. You can find me at the link below and we can jump straight in.

I am new to Fallen London, but I too desire companionship ;)

One way to start would be to play &quotAdmit your Affection for an Acquaintance&quot under your social engagements. That shows any NPC options you may have as well. The other player has to be an acquaintance (i.e. need to send a calling card first). Various storylets open up if the other person accepts. (IIRC, actually getting married to another player character is expensive.)

[quote=TheBlazingWorld]I am new to Fallen London, but I too desire companionship ;)[/quote]

The game does provide some NPC spouse options once you become a POSI, FYI.

Truly the height of romance, this.