Searching for a beheaded Saint

I need a counterfeit head of John the Baptist.

Could some kind soul serve it to me as dinner?

(I would be glad to repay showing you london around, or for good old first city coins - 30 silver is a good prince for a holy man)

Just tried sending, but struggling with the link in your signature.

The &quotstorynexus&quot part of the URL leads to an error message, and &quotEdlaine~Saphburgh&quot leads to a permanent loading page. Is the profile you want one sent to &quotEdlaine Saphburgh&quot?

If so, it won’t let me send an invite for the reason: &quot [needs qualities!] [you need qualities!]&quot
edited by Robin Alexander on 9/9/2020

Thanks, i had a problem in the link, it was of the old king. I think it is adjusted, now.

(For inviting me to dinner, i fear we have to be acquaintances)
edited by Mizr. Edlaine Saphburgh on 9/9/2020

I’m afraid you don’t actually get the head from this event