scraps changes?

Sending my fairly-tame sorrow spider to invite someone just gained me 10 surface-silk scraps, not two certifiable scraps. I think I got a similar result from another pet this morning, but I wasn’t awake and can’t be sure.

(Lizards also no longer give scraps on invites.)

If this is a broad-based change, I will be sad at the steady reduction of options for gaining scraps. And selling a bunch of my pets to clear out my deck.
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Seems like the lodgings external invites don’t pay out scraps any more either. Welp.

It’s a shame, but I’m not too surprised. We were really abusing those things.

Oh, they’re finally giving me a reason to stop spamming my friend who probably (hopefully!) never checks his email? The things I’ll do for a few more Certifiable Scraps. Have I no shame?!

In other words, I’m not sad. We’ll see what happens to my little pets though. My Dazed Raven Advisor has served me well, so perhaps the others can too?

Raven advisors aren’t that bad 150 rostygold + someone is coming is pretty decent.

[quote=Aximillio]Raven advisors aren’t that bad 150 rostygold + someone is coming is pretty decent.[/quote]Oh, that’s not what I’ve been using my raven for. I didn’t want to lose all my Forceful or Subtle by using those betting options, so I just forgot what they did. But given how much trouble I have to keep my Forceful above 0, I should probably just start to use my raven during weasel fights. So thanks for pointing it out! Too bad the other pets only seem to have the luck-based options that aren’t quite so good. Though asking my raven for advice has worked 96 out of 146 times (66%), so it’s not terrible or anything.

No, and you also get second chances. The calculations spreadsheet has around ~60% chance of success on that one, so I think you can guess that for the lizard/mandrake/spider ones as well? Those lose stuff with failure generally, though.
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I sent a Mandrake to serenade a friend earlier today and got 2 x Memories of Distant Shores instead of Scraps.

Oh… and in even worse news, “All this Blood…” now no longer gives scraps on success. It’s now 50 Surface Currency (or 20 on failure).

The long climb to 3200 gets longer!

My lizard gave me 1 x Vision of the Surface and 25 x Cryptic Clue, and inviting a friend to the tournament of weasels didn’t give me any Confident Smiles because I had more than 11. But I did get 1 x Vision of the Surface.

And it turns out that feeding my lizard doesn’t seem to be worth my precious time, so I should just sell it now that I no longer need it for catching bats in the Flit.

How are people obtaining Scraps now? Only via Lodgings cards? It’s a long way to 3200.

Lodgings; Calling in Favours from the Urchins in the Flit and having the Relickers recertify them which is a big gamble. They are all card dependent and it is a matter of luck when any of them will turn up. As you say a long way to 3200 but, even though I cashed in my first lot of scraps for one of the 3200 items just before the change I’m about half way there. But I am one of the people who can log into FL hourly during the day to play the opportunity cards.

Since the change I’ve gotten an average of 29 x Certifiable Scrap per day by drawing 120+ cards every day. And I don’t generally trade favours with the Urchins, because I use that connection for the Widow after the Acacia and the Butterfly.

I collected the 3200 I need to claim the last high tier Relicker item I’ve yet to acquire using just Lodgings cards. Took a while, but I’m ready! …once the Shivering Relicker decides to drop by.

Edit: Hurray! The Relicker turned up.
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I never used the removed options for gaining scraps, although it sounds like I may be the only one who didn’t. I’m using Lodgings and relickers and currently stand at 2400 scraps. I probably gain roughly 50 scraps per day.

I do use the Flit favours card to gain 20 Scraps from the Urchins - but it doesn’t show up often enough at all for my liking… galling as all the other &quotcall in favours…&quot options are pinned storylets!