Scion and Salt's Curse

Ok, so I’m being super lazy.

But. I had a scion. Then I got salt’s curse. Then my scion was taken. I still have a kid. And a lovely lady. But I can’t increase the zee-fever of the kid any more. Is my scion knackered until I die? Or can I forge another?

I am not totally sure here, but i think you probably can’t with this captain.

Thank you! It’s a little annoying, that. But understandable. Ish.

Yeah. Your scion is indeed lost. This happened to me too. I was still able to spend time with my family even though Salt has his way with them. When the captain died, I was not able to pick two legacies.

I’m terribly afraid of Salt’s curse. I likes my Scions. I always make sure I have spare berths available for new crew lest I bring down salt’s wrath.

While I’m here I want to confirm a related question, if you’ve made a Scion then lose your family due to infidelity, you still keep the Scion perk right? Even an estranged family should have no trouble taking a dead Captain’s wealth.
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Heh, why would you NOT have spare berths for new crew? There’s no benefit to having a full ship, far as I can tell, since more crew just massively increases your food consumption. You want about half your berths full, plus some buffer in case a few die, no more.
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