Science Cannot Be Stopped!

I just wanted to confirm for everyone that players who went NORTH are still able to participate in exchanges of scientific research.

Which I think is hilarious, and awesome. :)

So, don’t go North without at least 50 pages of each research and 10 bats!

You can also snub acquaintances! I did to spacemarine9 before I too went NORTH.

And you can of course receive parabolan kittens no matter where you are, making them one of the most potent nightmares reduction mechanics. It’s a shame project kitten fall was never put into action. We stocked up so many haha.

Hold on, wait … you can use receiving a kitten to reduce nightmares? Tell me more about this fascinating concept please…

When someone sends you a kitten you lower your nightmares slightly when you accept it. I am not sure how many cps though. I suppose it might be possible for a couple of people to team up and pass a kitten to and fro and see what the results are. Though there are other nightmare reducing things to do in London and I am not sure which would be most effective.

Its not as good as in London reduction methods. It’s main draw is it’s unrestricted by location. They can heal you -anywhere- even while actively in a menace state for example.
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I love the lore implications of that. Your game with death himself is interrupted by the arrival of a kitten, because the kitten felt like bellyrubs.

Kittens go EVERYWHERE!!! Why? … Because, Parabola!

I love it!

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I’m so glad that it’s impossible to impede the progress of Science. This is exactly as it should be.