Scholar of the Correspondence Gain / Grinding?

So I’ve just taken the leap to become a POSI and I’m wanting to get my profession from Author to Correspondent. I note that I need to get Scholar of the Correspondence to level 10. I’m just wondering what others think the &quotbest&quot way of getting there to be? Currently I’m grinding &quotSomewhat Challenging Music&quot / &quotThe Lead&quot at the The Empress’ Court (resetting my &quotCarving out a Reputation at Court&quot when it gets to 4) but obviously that takes a while (20 actions per with a bonus of 3000 pearls as well…)

Anything more efficient?

That’s the best method to get it up to 10. If you have 20 Fate you can also get the Empyrean Redolence at the Labyrinth and breed an Ocelot (its card can give you a free point up to 10 periodically), but otherwise just keep up those symphonies.

Thanks Sara, good to know. Back to grinding the Lead! (Heh.)

I am in the similar situation, but I don’t have access to Court or University anymore. Beneath the Neath took me to 3, and I’ve managed to get to 4 with a help of some Surprise Packages. So, as far as I know, I now have only air dependent FQ option. Is it capped?

The Airs of the Forgotten Quarter option is capped at 7. If you’ve solved cases around London, the Solitary Glim-Sculptor’s gifts also cap at 7. From 7-10, writing symphonies is the most reliable way.

I am solving cases right now, but good to know that there will be that option, too. So, basically, if I want to get to 10, I have to get back to Court?

The University option used to grind up to 21 actually unlocks only with 5 levels of SotC, so, if you’re hesitant to spend Fate on Ocelots, you can always throw away more valuable resources to get that sweet, sweet SotC 10.

You can also get SOTC to 10 if you get correspondent plaques in bundles of oddities. So it might be a good idea to find someone who wants to exchange gifts.

Wait, does this still unlocks even if you are kicked out of University? I finished that storyline yesterday.

Wait, does this still unlocks even if you are kicked out of University? I finished that storyline yesterday.[/quote]

Alas, you are required to be non-kicked to use it.

Just to be clear: The University option for increasing your SOTC by using correspondence plaques under Shadowy Dealings is available after you finish the Case at the University if you eventually go through the scientific exploration sequence and get re-instated (at the limited level available.)

Thank you for advices, people! I guess I should go prepare for expedition, then!