Scheme of the Phoenix advice

I’m thinking about exporting some Neathy birds after my mad scrip scramble. What are some good recipes for quick birds, and how do you collect the records of Fires’ ill-fated scheme after? I vaguely know what that whole business at the Balmoral dumbwaiter is about but few of the specifics.

“Intercept a message” is in the same storylet where you can export a bird skeleton. They don’t depend on each other; you can intercept the message without ever exporting a skeleton. Decode it in your Cabinet Noir, then come back to intercept another message. There are six, though you can keep intercepting and decoding a repeat of the last message to get more Night Whispers if you wish.

That s two independent storilets. Exporting the birds is mainly a way to convert echos/scipts to identities; so the recipe dependes on the value you want to convert. If you want to go crazy you can use a 8neckbase (312.5 E) with 8x 62.5 echos skulls (brass skull, sabretooth etc) and slap any 2 wings & legs on it, which should give a total value of ~815+E (so about 300+ identities). On the lower side you could use a thorned ribcage with a brass skull, two bat wings and to unidentified legs to convert ~80E
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Thanks to both answers, I appear to have misunderstood some things about the storylet.