Scandalous Goings-on...

My dear Delicious Friends,

After a recent rebuff from the universal server of luck, I find myself in need of a distraction – and I crave one of a particularly piquant and spicy flavor.

As I am sure you well know, the Tomb Colonies are a dreadfully boring locale to be during the Celebration of the Feast of the Exceptional Rose – but that is exactly where you may end up if you are too cavalier in your cavorting and Dancing and Wheeling about in Deviled Decadence.

‘Mitigation’ my dear friends, is the name of the game if you wish to celebrate to the full excess of this season, and mitigation is yours for the asking. Yes – as your dear close friend and confidante, I am willing and able to exculpate any and all of your own Scandalous behaviors during the remaining days of the Feast.

I ask nothing in return,
As I am Most Sincerely Yours,

So… should I add you to my list for menace reductions?

I’m more than happy to oblige ^^

Personally, I just laugh off scandal so it’s not a problem for me…though I do have a veritable hoard of Making Waves amassed.

For reductions of ‘Scandal’ specifically - yes… although I only intend to indulge through the end of the Feast of the Exceptional Rose, before travelling to the Tomb Colonies for an extended stay.

Thank you for your help! I didn’t mean to send you two requests - it was an accident - but as I was only three cps away from an unwanted trip, it was very useful.

No apologies necessary - I am happy to oblige any and all commers, to as many absolutions in my sweet confessional as they can manage.

I am enjoying the feast so much more now that I have thrown convention to the wind, and decided to luxuriate in the freedom one feels during a particularly long and exciting fall from grace.
edited by MadameHeather on 2/27/2013

How do I get rid of my 6 scandal from… indecencies?